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/b/ help
This happened a long time ago and it has been eating away at me

>about 1 year ago
>start dating this girl at my high school
>she tells me shes a cheerleader
>feel alpha as fuck
>she doesnt cheer for school but like this competitive team and their season just ended
>tell her that next season I will have to come see her perform
>really start liking her etc. etc. gay shit etc.
>about mid way through next season finally go to competition
>shes walking around in skimpy ass short shorts and sports bra
>like 4 alpha looking males with her
>performance starts
>all the guy pick her up by the ass and thighs and throw her in the air
>pic related mfw
>shyly tell her good job and leave
>havent brought it up to her since
>she had like 5 more competitions plus they went to like disneyworld for one
>I like her and she likes the "sport" but i cant fucking handle it

This has been going on forever what do I do?