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Sup /b/ros. (posting again cos 404) I've seen a few of these fruitless 'I'll be there in 30' threads of late. Unsurprisingly, no cunt delivers. If I was in NY and I saw one of these threads, I'd be down there russling jimmies for the glory of the empire. But I'm in fucking scotland.

I'll cut to the fucking chase. I'm going to spend the coming week pretending to be a 13 year old girl, befriending questionable NY gentlemen in chat rooms. I'll set up 'meetings' at the webcam location of choice, and we can all have a hearty chortle at the horny dudes who show up. I'm aiming to get a few baited. My vision is hooking half a dozen, and getting them all to turn up at the same time. I'm sure one of you anons would oblige in calling cops or whatever to the location for added keks.

The framework is there, and I've got the hours to burn on this. I'm looking for some advice to sharpen things up a bit. Any webcam recommendations? What would be the best time to do it for maximum audience? Do anons reckon it would actually WORK? Anything else you can give me would be appreciated, anons.

Tl;dr: Some cunt from Scotland plans to bait pedos onto public webcam. Because bored.