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ITT: The worst possible movie ideas

A Calvin and Hobbes CGI bullshit, like they did with Garfield, the Smurfs and others. It will most likely involve some bullshit adventure to save Calvin's dad's job or to stop some bullies at school or some other shit like that. Hobbes will be defined as a real tiger that has some magical powers that turn him into some stuffed doll, and he can only turn real if people use the power of imagination and friendship. There will be a lot of overly corny jokes and absolutely none of the witty charm the comics had. because they need to tone that shit down for the kids. The movie will end with the family realizing Hobbes is real and having him as a member of their family and having a big kicking family friendly supper together. And before the credits, Calvin and Hobbes will do something wacky, and Calvin's mom will scream "CALVIIIIIIIIN!" and Hollywood will get money and every fan of the comic will collectively suicide.

Anyone want to try to beat that?