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I have a dating dilemma /b/. A dilemma about dating apps/websites. I'm looking for someone to start a relationship with, but some of my interests (sexual and non sexual stuff) are less than vanilla. Now i'm not SUPER into these things, but it's still important that the person I'm looking for shares at least most of these interests with me. Which leads me to my dilemma.

There are a lot of normal dating websites that allow you to search through people by distance/interests, which is good, but are usually rather plain and for vanilla people.
But I don't want to go to a site that touts itself for matching people who are into a specific certain interest, because I don't want to look in an area where people go to meet others solely based on that certain interest. Like i'm not looking for "that kind of person."

It feels like there's no middle ground between the two. So I guess I'm asking, what should I do? Is there a middle ground and I'm just not looking hard enough?