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Hello /b/
i need your help to get a sauce of a horror looking game that I used to play as a kid..
I think I have grown some balls after all these years and it's time to finally beat the fuck.
I can tell you only some details that I can barely remember here I'll start (i count on you guys) :
- 20. century kinda looking game
- 3rd person
- fixed camera angles
- some kinda "zombbie-vampire" shit going on... there are some human looking creatures that have their eyes glowing and they seem to eat other people
- you could hold items such as keys, petroleum lamp, pistool ammo (i think you could find it in the first mission in some bathroom next to a dead body) and those kinda stuff.. adventure like, you had to think to make it trough some parts..
- it had a horsehoe looking icon (a friend of mine assumes that the game is called Hades or something like it, yet cant find it)
if any of this sounds familiar try to remember
if you need some more info try posting some questions i'll try to remember. Thanks !