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Yo two things I love is Justin Beiba and yo ass nigga wassup wichu? Look you may think im gay but i aint gay nigga, cuz theres a big difference between being optimistic and bein gay nigga. There's opportunities for being gay, but i aint gay. Cause I aint really gay if you know what im sayin. Imma suck that dick. If I can be real whichu, I guess i'm open minded. Like I aint gay, but i will suck a niggas dick. Imma put it in a bowl of tossed salad and suck that dick. Look you can call me gay all you want but you know you gonna get yo ass beat then yo toes sucked, cuz i dont play that shit. I'll suck yo toes dowg, and make you think i aint gay. But i aint gay. Cuz if i aint gay, then i aint gay, know what im saying? I aint black, Nigga, im asian. Im a lil asian boy. Yo look look, real shit Ling Ming Sing Ho Ting Lo Meing Imma Suck That Dick. I feel like grillin that shit and eatin it. You better watch what you sayin dowg. Ten of my niggas gone come over there with spatulas and spank that ass, im tired of you my nigga. Look I aint gay. Why you askin me gay questions like that? I dont play shit dowg, I dont play games, just got outa prison, just got out there. I was the best hair braider in jail dowg. And I sucked real good dick dowg. But i wasnt gay.