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I hate myself.
> be me, 16, kissless virginfag
> Liked this grill since yr 7
> Confessed, shot down immediately... thefeels.jpg I pull the "Hahaha JK" card
> Skip a year and she talks to me again... Skip 3 more years and we talk a bit more
> She starts talking openly with me one night, like really personally
> I respond less like the faggot I was 4 years ago, fairly mature.
> She starts asking me what I think of her. Ok...
> We talk for a long while and I tell her she has good points and bad
> She starts talking about boyfriends. I get ready...
> "Anon, should I get back with [chad] even though he has a lot of responsibilities with football and can't see me much?"
> Well shit. I feel dead inside, AGAIN
> She rubs salt on the wound "But I also like this really hot year 12 guy who is into me, should I go with him instead?"
> TFW I have spent most of my night deciding which fag I send my crush to
> TFW I am basically the gay friend who she thinks has zero bf opportunity.