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Listened to this while writing, might as well accompany the reading with it

Here we go:
>be me the052ek, 24
>nihilist, no longer a virgin (dogfucker)
>started lurking 4chan at around feb 2015
>for the first time in my life i feel something inside of me
>not the usual void of emotions
>real people with real problems
>people who fight loneliness and despair on a daily basis
>anons like me struggling to survive in postmodern-consumist-dank-meme-loving society
>"you belong here, child"
>been posting some stuff about my life in here, asking for advice
>finaly i understand
>my place in this world, my place in history
>i'm the villain
>its all comming together now
>develop master plan to an hero
>taking with me as many as i can
>been alone my whole life, might as well take as many people with me as i can for my final trip
>my descent into hell
>im ready for war
>fastforward to yesterday
>post master an hero plan at /b/, ask for advice on how to get as many down as possible
>weapons ready: guns, blade, armor, handmade explosives
>thread is almost 404, wont need it at my final destination anyway
>let it be taken by the ether
>sudden ray of light aproachesstill looking for her
>suddenly i realize
>im no longer without purpose
>i have a reason to live
>not even feeling like going on a killingspree anymore
>just want to find her
>and maybe with the help of all of you
>all of you the052 meme loving fucks
>with all of your clicks and copy pastes
>maybe i will be able to find her
>some day
>in the meanwhile ill just keep posting
>i'll just keep living
>i'll just keep lurking
>i'll just keep cumming

>thank you