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Ok , /b/ , I need your opinion on this matter so get ready for storytime :
>be me
>be 15
>know a girl for like 13 years , family friends
> 9/10
>bout a month ago
>their family visits us
>don't really give a fuck
>girl in my room , I'm playing StarCraft 2
>she annoys me and I have to deal with her shit
>lose match
>actually just make her laugh and giggle and shit
>get in 2nd match of sc2
>she wants to watch
>somehow ends up sitting on my lap
>fast forward to yesterday
>coming back from picking fucking grapes to make wine out of
>pretty fucking hard actually
>parents get 2 bottles of juice that i made
>we had like 70 liters but I still fucking made it so it's mine
>parents decide to have BBQ with girl that was @ my place last month
>get there
>girl hugs me although has a bf that said will fuck me up
>we chat while she does homework
>randomly bring up the fact that I got her juice
>flips the fuck out
>she gets to the kitchen and gets some juice
>I told her that I want something
>she kissed me on the cheek
>have this fucking feeling that she digs me.

Got any ideas how to get in her panties till the end of the year?

Pic unrelated.