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>Me smart straight A's
>Dad is a asshole
>Always yells even though there was never any justification for it, not just me but sisters.
>Fuck it take one for the team start slacking, think I can justify it as a "phase" asholee still yells at sisters as much as me
>Get pissed say fuck it don't care anymore start slacking again
>Three years shit finally catching up to me and dad uses grades to yell at me now.
>Start working again games are boring don't care for sisters anymore + this didn't change anything.
>Dad turn's nice for once after I get all A's, buys me shit doesn't yell
>Mfw situation is literally same as 3 years ago I just changed it for a bit. It's still the same but he is acting like I turned into a messiah or something.

Whut do /b/? Use him for free shit? I don't wan't anything from him though.