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Tard Stories

>11th grade.
>half my classes are with a kid named Kody
>Kody has super autism
>students call him "Special K"
>Kody's biggest fear is being late to class
>every day after lunch he waits around the border of the "lunch zone" so he can run as fast as he can to 4th block
>friend and I tell him they've cut the time he has to get back in half every single day
>we tell him everyone has a special late pass but him and if he doesn't make it in time, he'll be thrown out of school and his parents will kick him out
>falls for it every day for a month
>one day he runs so fast he does half a front flip down the steps, breaks an arm and gets a concussion
> when staff asks why he was going all grease lighting, he begins to wail and hit everything in sight, screaming if his parents kick him out, he'll kill them and everyone in school.
>three full grown men to subdue him
>taken out of AP classes and into special ed
>a week suspended