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I need some advice. I was on again off again in a semi long distance relationship (2 hours away) for over a year with a perfect 10. We got along great for a long time. She moved in with me for a month before having to go back home to take care of her dad. We fought a lot because she hung around a lot of guys. We saw each other maybe twice a week if we were lucky. We broke up and got back together a few times. I loved her immensely and Would've done anything for her. Eventually we were fighting everyday. She started hanging around a guy I didn't know or like which prompted our fights. She told me not to worry about him. Eventually she left. We vowed to never to talk again. 3 months later she hits me up to tell me how big of a mistake it was to leave. We met up to talk a couple days ago. She explains she dated that guy she told me not to worry about. It didn't last long. They didn't have any sexual contact but dated for almost 2 months. She explains I was right about her friends that they only liked her because she was hot. She wants me back. I told her i can't take her back due to her making me the last resort option since her relationship with the other guy failed. It's been a couple days since our talk and all these repressed feelings came swarming back. I'm sick because I really do miss and love her but I can't forgive her. Forgiving isn't a quality I possess. I don't know if I can be friends because I care for her so much. As of right now I'm mostly considering just not speaking with her. It makes things easier. Thoughts /b/? Any advice?