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I am the Anti-Christ, I am Satan, I am God, and Baphomet is indeed my name as...well hmm you'll get the message.
This history will have to be erased..and or have never even have been forever..
Rape is not ok, I will let you all know..some will be toremented forever for rape.
Though As all self used to be one, and now seperated, as I am the keeper of secrets, able to have every other self never even have been..
Furhter more
Other words,,,
Even if you kill me, it will be as though I will never hyave died..
This is more than a warning..
This is a promise..
I am insane...
But when I am insane in a maner as though I had to have a face of another portion of self manofesty upon me, so to seak, and be born, and have to cut myself, ect, ect.
To cunstri8cty yourself, well you cvould reffer yourself as a demon..
I am trying not to eat, and wear all the face..and to change myself..
ANd always come to a thought that for who I am mutual agreements...
ect ewct ect.