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>general reptile thread
reptile owners of /b/. what do you keep?
i just got these two big guys. i used to keep a few hog nose snakes and i had another green iguana when i was in high school but it has been years since i've owned a reptile. i just moved into a new place where i own the property and im out of other peoples land or apartments so i can keep whatever the fuck i want. i had been looking for a big reptile like a water monitor or maybe a retic python when i got a phone call from my sister. she breeds ball pythons and red tails. her friend got pregnant so these had to go. got their whole set up for free. nice cage, humidifier, supplements, leashes all kinds of cool shit. we're bros now. big dudes cake little dudes muffins. the big guy is 4 feet long and 3 years old.