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Fucking hate my dad. Just went out for my 21st birthday with my parents to Longhorns. First I hate longhorns. They have shitty chicken tenders and the worst fucking honey mustard. Anyways, my dad wanted me to get a steak because he loves that shit. I don't know why, I fucking hate them. Unless its country fried steak. I just wanted some fucking chicken tenders from mcdonalds and a 2 liter of dew but fucking no, my mom and dad made me fucking go out for lunch. So the waiter comes to our table, and I have no clue what I fucking want because everything sucks here. My dad suggests a steak and a beer, but beer is fucking disgusting. So I got a sirloin and asked them to cook it well and bring me extra ketchup and my dad filled the fuck out, telling me I was wasting his money and being an asshole, I had to yell over him and tell him the only way I'm eating shitty fucking steak is cooked well. My mom was just trying to keep quiet because my dad yells so fucking loud it embarrasses her I think. I fucking hate him so much. I don't know what to do guys, I can't afford to leave my mom alone with him. ruined my fucking birthday today.