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/b/, did I fuck up or avoid some scam?

I was in a local convenience store buying some iced tea and a pretzel, and this girl came over and picked out a pretzel herself and got in line behind me.

Anyway, as I was leaving and holding the door for her, mid-hold she asks, "Do you have any change?". Now before she asked that I thought she was some rich bitch who would never even look at me since she was pretty cute, mid 20's I guess, and wearing some sort of fur coat and expensive handbag. She looked like she had a lot more money than me as I was just wearing a camo hoody and black pants. She had just bought something right in front of me as well indicating she had money.

I autisticly replied "What kind of change?" and she looked stumped at why I would ask that and shook her head and said "Like any kind". I then said no I just had my CC on me.

She then asks, "Do you have a phone I could use, I need to get to blahblah (surrounding rich county from me)". I did have a phone but I aint letting anyone I don't know use it so I said No.

She then asked directions on how to get to where she lived at from the store in the city we were at. She asks "Whats up that street" I tell her where it leads then say "Im not really sure, Im new to this area myself and not good with directions".

Then we parted ways.

I got in my car around the corner of the store luckily she didnt see me, but as I was driving back home I saw the same woman in her flashing white fur coat strutting down the street in the complete opposite way I told her to go.

I made sure not to make eye contact when passing.

So WTF happened do you think? Am I too paranoid? I don't trust anyone, let alone strangers, but I'm wondering if this is some way of her hitting on me?