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>be me
>after watching her go around that carousel for 1 minute and 30 seconds, I knew she had to be the one.
>her family was no where to be seen
>I swiftly walk to the carousel after the distinct song and brightly colored, flashing lights came to a stop
>the carousel finishes its last few rotations and she comes to a stop directly in front of me
>a normal person would not have gotten as excited as I did when I saw now how beautiful, small, and young she was
>then the moment hits
>I reach out and grab her forcefully, but careful enough to not hurt her
>I feel her warmth as I carry her swiftly back to my place of residence
>she hasn't made a sound
>this is great
>the moment has finally come
>I peel her clothing off and proceed to go through the motions
>that was the best hot pocket I had ever eaten.