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Story time i need /b/ guidance. This will probably be the worst thing for me but...
>/b/ me 22 year old
>Handsome. Slim 7.5-8/10
>5 ft 8
>finsh Uni and get a job with two friends I have known for a long time
>All weed heads
>Me weed head who doesn’t look after his money
>him Weed head with savings
>work for about 8 months knowing one “friend” we will call him tosh has already become close friends with the staff being really likeable
>crazy likeable. Like one time a kid he ignored messaged him 50 times and then got his dad to post hand written letters
>rises in the ranks unofficially (standard call centre if you’re wondering)
>Tosh trains the newbees
>new girl’s tall brunette gorgeous
>Gets trained by friend
>Joins my team and sits next to me
>long story short.gif
>shes my gf
>Tells me early on she thought her and Tosh had something himts at potential threesome
>Me (genius): “he probably wouldn’t mind”
>Think nothing of it
> Back ground: my friend is a know-it all and he regularly is important to our work as he always goes out with the manger on drives
>while going out. Me and gf are on a date we arrange for a trip to Amsterdam
>”Oh anon id love that I really need a holiday right now”