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Any alpha/beta borderlines out there?

I'll start, you decide where each Anon falls.

>6'6 masterrace
>20stone (Britfag, I'll let you Americunts and metric Yuropoors work that out into your own retarded systems)
>Stretchmark city central and underwhelming penis
>27 years old, in process of buying own house, but still live at parents' for time being
>Educated to postgrad level
>Teacher, decent salary
>Epic social life of drinking drugs and football (soccer to idiot Yank dickheads)
>Only had sex with 4 girls (can't seem to pull one night stand girls)
>The worst of these girls was a 7/10
>Kissed over 100 girls
>Had blowjobs off about 30 birds
>Dress cool as fuck for a Brit indie/Britpop/casual/mod style
>Drive shitty '97 Renault
>Shoot shotguns for a hobby
>Also do amateur dramatics as a hobby
>Once got arrested for beating the shit out of some bell-end in a nightclub, he turned out to be a lad though and dropped the charges so no record
>Travelled to only four countries (France, Spain, Germany, USA (before arrest))
>Might be an alcohol since I drink alone a lot
>Masturbate three times a day
>Gym member but I only go to run on treadmill for an hour a week before getting tired and going home
>No ink
>Used to play football for highschool team
>Enjoy outdoors, camping, shooting, fishing etc.

Well /b/? Judge me.

(No pics, being teacher don't want to reveal /b/terdedness to potential students, however unlikely)