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So I want to kill myself, I have been thinking about it all week. Here's my plan what do you think?

I work at a place with access to an incinerator and deadly drugs, the lazy people I work with only clean it like once a month and never look inside it other than that.

My plan is to wait until it gets cleaned then after work go in and get a mixture of zylazene and a barbiturate used for euthanasia. I'll get a black blanket to cover myself in and head inside the incinerator.

After I position mmyself right under the door where they would have to get half in the incinerator to see me I'll take a large dose of the drugs.

They will use the incinerator a few days later maybe a week and it will run for a few days then be tee loaded and run again without emptying fire a month.

I'll be gone and no one will know where I went.