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Be me /b/. I'll tell the truth about the 9/11
>Going to born in Panama
>Terrorist knew about the antichrist is going to born to kill Ganesha and Jesus.
>Terrorist send planes to a hospital in Panama, just for kill me
>Antichrist born, probably the most white baby in a country of niggers.
>Antichrist knows everything. EVERYTHING.
>Antichrist uses his power to change the course of the planes, the planes were in the Pacific Ocean when this happened.
>Terrorist can't do anything.
>They shoot themself.
>Planes is now under the influence of the antichrist and all those people inside.
>Planes crash against something called World Trade Center.
>No matter.
>Antichrist it's alive and safe.
>This is the promise of the Antichrist:
10/10 girls to all people who believe this truth.
>Now you know.
>I was in silence because I was watching Game Of Thrones and I forget say this.
Now. You know the truth.