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hi /b/, I need advice.
>Nick and Bob have grown with me and we could say we have a good friendship past us
>Nick has always been such a fucking great guy, we had our up and downs as every couple of friends does
>But he was shy as fuck, never got a real girlfriend until three months ago and things didn't even go that well, he's even having a hard time with it bc he doesn't know what to do
>her girlfriend seems an alright girl, funny, intelligent and beautiful although a bit bitchy
>Bob actually liked this girl even before Nick, but didn't have a chance, this girl was going nuts about Nick even before meeting him
>After three months I find out Bob, who has been one of our best friends since 1st grade, is trying on picking up on this girl. Nick actually told me and I though he was exagerating
>He isn't, Bob hangs around with this girl A LOT and even tried to kiss her
>Nick doesn't even want to believe it, he wants to speak with Bob but he just refuses to hang out for a beer or shit, he just goes to class and hang out with this girl who forgave him for being such an ass

I'll become a deranged violent fuck if I ever get to see Bob again and Nick actually looks frustrated and shit about all this, but he's too nice to do anything about all this and I want him to

I don't really know /b/, I want to fucking kill this henpecked cunt.