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What do I do b.
I never went to college.
I own an international importing company that is valued a ltitle under 8 million. I drive a brand new Subaru forester xt

I own some apartment buildings.

My wife went to college, and it's all she talks about, she works on plays and all she does is talk about how accredited everyone is a ad how many degrees they have.

The crux of the matter is is that I hate poor people, and all the Pwool that she hangs out with are poor people who talk about theyreal college degrees.

I fully support my wifes lifestyle.

She spends and spends but then always talks about these college people

Should I divorce her?
I've been considering leaving her and making her use her "degree" to support herself.

I have no fear of a divorce because my lawyers aew better than hers.

So dubs decides if I break up with my poor wife.