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Dear /b/
I am an 18 year old male who was exposed to much higher than average levels of estrogen in the womb, after I had already grown a penis, but prior to the usual growth time of the uterus and ovaries. I have natural breasts (B cup bitches), a female pelvis, and every part of the female reproductive system aside from the vagina. My dick as slightly below average tho, but it works too! I also am generally seen as fairly attractive by most women, and they don't even know that I am just as woman as they are, it's crazy!
I could get a sex change operation and completely change my gender 100% with no catches. Theoretically I could even get pregnant, through hormone therapy (I don't currently produce the hormones required to initiate ovulation, but a kickstart of hormones could start that cycle, and I would start producing eggs). Basically, if I got a sex change, I would be a fully functioning woman that never had periods unless we were actually trying to have a baby.
Would you marry me? (For the record, I'm fairly healthy and right on my reccomended BMI, so I could become a fairly attractive woman too)
also, how jealous do you think it makes tumblr retards that I'm literally the most literally gender fluid a person can be without just actually being an idiot that doesn't understand that the world doesn't take place inside tumblr's anus? Pic completely and totally unrelated.