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>Be me today
>Go to McDonalds down the street for some fries because I'm hungry.
>Waiting in drive thru for food order muh fries and proceed to window.
>Raging autist elderly man comes out of no where and starts screaming at employee trough drive thru window infront of my car.
> Ask him politely to calm down and get away from my car.
>His dementia fueled rage now directs towards me.
>He begins kicking my door and I can literally hear him denting my car.
>Pull away finally and retard old man follows.
>I finally decide to get out of the car
>Old man takes a swing
>I punch him straight in the McRibs
>He falls and starts convulsing.
>Decide right thing to do is call 911.
>Cops and ambulance come.
>Witnesses say I did nothing wrong.
>Old man not getting up from floor.
>Drag old man into meat wagon.
>Finally go home and eat fries