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I'm feeling very miserable /b/. See pic for context.

Things took a turn for the worse again. She completely isolated herself. She doesn't try to move on to uni or getting a job either, so I have to force her to go out when she doesn't have anything until end of November.
Taxes fucked me over, so I can't afford any "luxury" with my salary either.

I'm literally hanging myself from one miserable day to another, hoping that one day, things may take a turn for the better.
I think at this point, I pretty much used all of my own resources to make my life happy again. It feels like people aren't contributing and just leeching off.
I guess I'm just very unlucky.

If someone has some questions, feel free to ask them. Maybe I can get any resolve out of a conversation.

Fixed the name of the grill for privacy reasons.
General feels thread.