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Alright /b/ros, help me try and understand this woman if you have a moment.

Before anyone tells me she's just a bitch, I've has several very deep conversations with her about life, family etc and I fundamentally believe that she's honestly a very nice person. She's friends with some of my friends and they all like her as a person as well, so whatever's going on here it's not that.

I've known this woman for a few years. During that time we've lived in the same city for most of it, but with occasional periods of one of us being away, or so busy with study / work that we didn't socialise much. So I don't know her *that* closely, but my city has a very big and close knit social network between different colleges and areas (it's a sort of "everyone knows everyone in some way" kind of city) so we've never been far from eachothers' lives.

Situation is this: She seems to blow hot and cold literally all the time. I can meet her in a club and have long, deep conversations with her, and then the next day if I text her it'll be like I don't exist. Or the other way around - we can chat all week on social media about our weekend plans, and yet when I see her in the club she'll barely acknowledge me. During the times when we've been close and have had DMCs, she's told me very personal things which she's supposedly never told anyone (and I have evidence to back that up) and so on.

Last night is an example. She sent me a few snapchats (which I actually didn't get until *after* the night was over because my phone ran out of battery) before arriving in the club, same club I was going to, asking if I was going. But when I got there, I said hi to her as she was walking past and she just breezed past, didn't acknowledge me all night. Messaged her this morning and asked if she'd enjoyed her night, nothing.

What's going on? Does she like me? Is she just teasing / messing with me for fun? Does she not know how she feels herself? Why the mixed signals?