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Last night I was up reading about other people's supposed paranormal experiences. I am a skeptic, and a lot of these stories sounded like bullshit to me, but around 4:30 am I started thinking about weird things that have happened to me. Maybe not paranormal, but weird.

When I was a child, my day worked swing shift at a steel mill. Weeks that he was on third shift, I would sleep walk. We didn't have air conditioning, so I would often tuck myself next to a door to take advantage of the draft during summer months, and he would come in my room and put me back in bed. I normally didn't wake up, but one time I did.

He came in a little later than usual, and he called for me because I wasn't in front of the door. I woke up, confused, and froze; I was on top of my dresser. I started to cry because I had no idea how I had gotten there (it was pretty tall, especially since I was so little), and my dad woke my mom up, thinking it was a joke. She was just as upset as we were.

That was the last time I ever had an episode of sleep walking.