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>ITT old but hot, share your stories b/ros

>be me, 23
>aunt's birthday party
>bored as fuck
>old lady sits next to me
>tells me she's bored and shit
>chat for a bit
>she tells me I have the most interesting eyes in the room
>haha okay
>asks me if i want to share a joint outside
>getting high with her in my car
>starts to touch my crotch
>says she wants me
>she's a solid 8/10
>we fuck for what seems to be hours
>she's into some kinky shit
>takes it up the butt and licks it clean when im done
>holy shit lady, gimme your number
>hey now, we're just having fun
>I think i should get back, thanks for the shag honey

man i wish i had her number
pic semirelated, now i crave old women and don't know any