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Stop turning EARTH INTO A DESERT ! Stop being a toxic human being flushing (exporting) fertilizer down the drain! Years ago I noticed the black soldier larvae in my compost where I put kitchen scraps. I threw dog shit in there and they ate that along with the kitchen scraps, then I started crapping in a bucket 1/2 full of dirty kitchen sink water (soap and all just no bleach) mixed with kitchen scraps cardboard and junkmail as an experiment and the soldier flies ate all that.. earthworms ate what the BSL would not . We have not used our bathrooms to take a crap since. You dont need a toilet bowl urine mixed with 1/10 water is great plant food and your crap is eaten by the Black soldier flies. I dont tell people about this outside our family, but love anonymously informing people who dont have the psychological ick silliness most people are hard wired to believe. I never need to buy miracle grow and people envy my beautiful garden (which is my entire lot) Planet Earth according to Nasa is losing an area about the size of rhode island every year to desertification! 7 billion people flushing toilets will do this
>pic related it's LA in 30 years