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f you are of any religion, or if you are not, dont be a dick about it. Dont hate. Love... Why do so many so called "Christians" hate homosexual couples? I think God created them, so all the children of the earth would have parents. Orphans from war, from famine, from disease... And all the happy homosexual couples wanting to adopt. Why keep a child from having two moms, or two dads? LGBT, Islam, Christianity, Atheists, Buddhists, Pagans, Wiccans, Scientologists... There are soo many people out there... Quit hating. Hate will get us nowhere but more hate. War will continue, as long as we allow it. Throw down your "guns" of hate, of your religion. Morals are here to separate us from animals. Yet even animals dont hate things. The are driven by base instinct to kill, eat, protect their young, etc.. Can we be better then that? Or are we worse then animals? Animals dont just wipe out single species due to hate. I am losing faith in humanity... Sometimes, I feel like maybe we will destroy this world with our hate, leaving only few survivors, each more filled with hate then the last... Hope is dying, and we are killing it. Humanity needs to stand together. Call me a Hippie, or a peace fag if you want. But if you agree with me, then do one thing. Say hi to someone. Smile at people, hold open doors for people. Help someone who is struggling with a heavy load up stairs, or to their car. I want to believe in humanity, and I want us to change for the better... Do you believe me? Can anyone feel my feel? Does anyone want to save us from ourselves? Or am I alone?