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>be me
>16 yo beta trash
>almost always into discovering something new or traveling different places even though usually not very far
>most times just say im going on an adventure
>used to enjoy going alone but after awhile grew pretty fucking lonely
>keep asking friends if they wanna hang out
>several stood me up
>the rest blatantly lie about be busy or some bullshit
>ask mom if she's wants to go an adventure
>"maybe some other time"
>end up staying home and playing video games even though they don't feel fun anymore
>after a few hours of feeling like worthless trash decide to go to bed
>actually start falling asleep
>begin having a dream about adventuring
>ask friends if they wanna go
>ask mom
>by this point it doesn't feel like a dream
>it continues anyways
>i go to my room to play some stupid game again
>can't decide
>pull piece of paper of off dresser
>write something down
>walk over to closet
>pull out gun
>point at head
>a single shot echoes through my dream
>wait it's not over
>all I see is the note
>it becomes legible
>"on adventure, figured you wouldn't want to go"