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So I posted this little bit of wisdom on 9gag because quack I like to stir shit up and hear actual intellectual debate at times, but also, because I just feel like flat out offending liberal pussies because they're quack absolute idiotic hypocrites when it comes to their ideology and fucking with their quack spirits.
But, I've got a sense that 9gag is ran by liberal trash. This is the second time a post like this has quack not been viewable by anyone browsing. The first one was about fags in Texas and fags everywhere else.
Wtf is up quack with these guys? Liberals absolutely believe in freedom for everyone but immediately refuse quack to hear opposing opinions. They won't even allow others to see them.
They're for quack American values at face value for their own beliefs, but absolutely refuse quack to believe you should have an opposing view.
It's fucking mind boggling. We're gonna end up like those other fags across the pond quack in goddamm Britain, getting arrested for singing Kung fu fighting because we offended an Asian fellow. Quack