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hey /b/

I don't have the energy to write a whole lot, so I'm gonna give the short version.

>birthday today
>can't sleep
> am fucking tired all the time
>am flunking out of college because I sleep 12+ hours a day
>am flat broke
>really enjoy video games
>can't fucking afford anything
>failing at everything
>never going to succeed or make decent money probably
>none of my friends visit me anymore, I disgust them
>I'm gonna be alone on my birthday
>don't even have any booze because I can't afford it
>am not going to get any presents this year
>haven't gotten a single birthday present in 5 years
>last present I got was my now ex-wife leaving me for another man two days before my birthday in 2011
>I don't want to be alive anymore but I'm too much of a pussy to kill myself
>I use fiction to escape life, I hide in books and video games, it's the only way I know how to cope

Want to ask me questions or mock me, feel free, either way. I'll stick around for an hour or so.

What I would like, is if somebody could paypal me some money. It's for stupid shit, but it'd really make me happy.

I really enjoy playing World of Warcraft and GTA Online currently. But I have no GTA money and no WoW gold. And my WoW time is almost up and I can't afford any more.

So if somebody could get me a WoW time card, that would be nice. If somebody could Paypal me money so I could buy a GTA Shark Card to buy a couple nice things, a nice car or something, that'd be nice. If somebody could Paypal me money or gift balance so I could buy WoW tokens to sell for gold, that'd be nice.

If nobody wants to hook me up, that's fine, I'm used to disappointment.

But at the very least let's have a futa thread since it's my favorite porn. At least give me something to whack off to, if nothing else.