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>be me
>37 yr old man
>get disease out of nowhere
>took out quite a bit of my vision, sleep pattern, short term memory
>everything else intact
>can't work now, on disability
>no biggie, money isn't really a problem
>find myself getting bored all the time
>generally smoke marijuana to cure boredom but even that is losing it's appeal
>can't go out and do much because cannot drive
>when I do travel to see friends can only hang for 3-5 days at a time, then I get too worn out
>opiatefag, but where I am now there are barely any opiates to get
>been trying on deepweb but haven't had any luck
>tried a couple sites more or less got ripped off
>gonna give it another go on dream market and see if that works
>where I was living I could get anything I wanted
>left state after the disease to be with family, in a smaller town, can't find shit.

First world white people problems. What do