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Stupid infatuation. OK where to start, I'm infatuated with a girl I don't know, I'm a fucking dickhead and can't make it stop.
Last year, that's right last year, only half way through the fucking year, I was working my job at a small grocery store doing my job as ya do anyway, hot as fuck blonde girl is walking down the ile walks past nicest ass, blaa blaa blaa could go on bout how hot she is forever but won't, you get the picture, I end up serving her and her mum and then afterwards I mention her to my coworker "holy fuck, blonde girl ass blaa blaa blaa" something like that, coworker tells me she's only 15, I go "way to ruin it" (I'm only in my early 20s but legal age in my country is 16) anyway she ends up being a regular customer, her mum already was, every week I always checked her out even tho I felt bad coz I was told she was underage, plus I'm shit with women, and I looked like a fool. Anyway it became a thing and my coworker said it wasn't a problem she was underage coz it wasn't by much which I argreed with but I still was to shy and more so awkward to talk to her, and she was always with her mum wich made it even more difficult. Coworker said to talk to her mum then she'll end up talking to me (coworker a real social people person, talks to fucking everyone) tried it it worked except for the fact that I didn't coz I fuckd up was so nervous couldn't even have a conversation so looked like an idiot. Still she's a weekly customer, still I'm checking her out wanting her so bad, I'm more attracted to her than anyone else iv ever laid eyes on, feel so dumb, think bout her every day.

At the end of last year I saw her outside a store alone (not the store I worked at) to the chance to invite her to my mates party, I was awkward as fuck, couldn't think straight (never could when I saw her as it was) gave her my number, went off with my mate. She didn't come to the party of Corse and I felt dumb......