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In science fiction teleportation is a common theme.
Your body is moved from one place to another without the use of a vehicle.
One such method would be to move your atoms from one place to another.
The problem with this is that you would die and be reborn on another planet or another part of the world.
However, are you truly reborn or are you actually dead forever?
Is the teleported you merely a clone? A copy? Or does it take your soul with it?
The truth of the matter is that you would die forever and a clone of you would take your place.

Let us take this a bit further.

The human brain has massive data storage that makes you who you are.
Your personality, your bad habits, your love and everything you've experienced.
Like a computer the data is always there even when not in use.
So lets say we have a computer with a bit of stored data and we smash to pieces.
We replace this computer with with the exact same model and exact same data.
You would probably say your previous computer died and that new model is simply a replica of the previous.
Now What if instead of smashing this computer we simply make it disappear from existence and and an exact replica, atom by atom, comes into existence in the exact same place.
Would you then say that the previous computer died forever?
Yes of course it did. It is no different from our first example of the human atom teleporter besides the location.