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Why are some people so, so bad at drinking the right amount?

Me and my roommate split half an addy and went to a bar for my friends birthday, and he drank way, way too much. It's just bizarre to me to not be able to tell when you've had enough. Like, if you're gonna barf soon, you should slow down or stop for a while. If you're already barfing, you need to chill. Do they have no self/body awareness?

He's a lightweight but he knows that by now. I saved his life tonight making sure he was breathing normally and keeping him warm after literally dragging his ass to his bed from the lyft driver's car. Then I did homework while I made sure he was still breathing between minor throwup on his bed because that's how adderall works when you're normal and not a bitch.

shit i made this a blog

well still can you bitches hold your liquor or do you need people like me to save your ass