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I am getting seriously sick of hearing about how evil Tumblr supposedly is, and of hearing people talking about Tumblr like it's one consistent entity united under some sort of Borg consensus.

"Tumblr hates this," "Tumblr hates that," "Tumblr is mad again," "why is Tumblr so offendable," It feels like every thread I go to here always dissolves into a swirling vortex of Tumblr hate no matter what it's about.
What's really ironic though is the idea that Tumblr operates as one focal set of ideas or that it moves as one united force, because that simply could not be further from the truth.

In my 3+ years on Tumblr I have seen more infighting in that community then any other I've ever been a part of.
I've seen plenty of "social justice warriors" but I've seen just as many people who seemed indifferent or un-involved in that whole scene, and most of the SJWs were very quick to call out other SJWs if they said something truly dumb. I've seen plenty of feminist blogs but the vast vast majority of them were run by completely reasonable people, as supposed to the so-called feminazis you idiots claim are running rampant. And I've seen shitloads of debate and differing opinions on every subject from Social Justice to the pronunciation of "tissues." Tumblr is ANYTHING but a unified whole.

Plus, Tumblr is actually a very positive force in peoples lives. It's a great way of learning about shit, sharing art, and viewing perspecives that you may otherwise never have heard.

We have our bad apples, sometimes whole trees of them, but that's the case with every community on the internet. And you have to keep in mind that most of our bad apples are really just frustrated people venting their feelings in an environment free of consequence, like here.

I just dont see why /b/, and the internet in general, seem to have so much ire for Tumblr specifically when, as far as I see it, the only real difference between it and 4Chan is the background colour.

Don't like Tumblr? Don't go there.