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Post feels similar to mine

>be 17 year 2006
>join army reserves
>get to my unit after training
>meet the coolest fucking people
>one weekend a month just party after the day's training, becoming the closest friends, like a real family
> meet AB, funniest motherfucker in a fucked up kind of way
>AB is always the nicest if he liked you, but takes no shit from anyone
> learned a lot of shit from him about life over seas that we wouldn't have learned in training.

I came to love this dude. No homo. My fuckin brother, blood or not.

>year 2009 shipped to Iraq
>never feared, AB always had my back
>have my fondest memories of AB that I won't go into from Iraq
>come home safe
>AB suffered a bit of ptsd from his first deployment. It got worse after this one
>everyone knew AB had problems. Most chalked it up to his weird personality.
>later gets kicked out because he can't pass a PT test
>he didn't take it well, becomes a serious wreck
>the psychiatrist recommends he stop the drug and alcohol abuse. AB tells him to "fuck off" and walks out. If you knew him, this wasn't unexpected
> his friends from the military are the only ones he will turn to for help, we do the best we can
>we keep in touch, text a couple times a week for two years
>he's getting better, has job, lives with grandpa to take care of him
>AB has and always well be there when I need someone to talk to.

No. AB passed away 3 days ago in his bed. I'm devastated /b/ I don't know how it happened. I've been too afraid to ask. I figure suicide, OD, fuck idk maybe heart attack. I must look like some kind of mad man when I just burst into tears out of nowhere in public. This is my first greentext and it doesn't even accurately describe my feels. This is my second brother in arms to go this year, along with 2 close family members. Hold your loved ones tight /b/ you'll never forgive yourself if you wait until it's too late.