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ITT: Your first Psychedelic experience. I'll start
>school band trip to disney
>teacher was oblivious to everthing
>we brought Acid, Shrooms, Brownies, and bud
>the disney trip was 3 days long
>first day is competition, second is for fun, and third is for award ceremony
>my friends and i a fucking blazed all three days
>the last day, before the award ceremony
a few of us take acid, a few hippy flipped
>during the ceremony which was basically a huge party, i noticed things started moving
>in about 45 mins there was an after party in the streets inside disney
>the dj played shitty music but whatever
>massive amounts of people were forming a crowd
>i was at the center
>eventually i found my way out and got to my friends who were more experienced than i
<we left to downtown disney and we went to a hat shop with some crazy hats
>we walked around for a bit then had to go to the hotel
>i go into my hotel room and go straight to the bathroom so that i dont disturrb my roommates
>im sitting on the toilet and the sink behind me i slowly dripping
>eventually i tap my foot to the floor and it ripples like water
>i keep on playing with the water floor untill eventually it gets kind of boring
> i have a shit ton of trippy pics on my phone so i stare at those for a while
> i have on grateful dead playing the whole time
>the floor tiles begin to rise of the ground, spin 360, shrink and go back to normal size on the way down
>i called my friend to tell ehr about this awesomeness
>its 3:30 am when i call
>she picks up
>i go outside of my room and the trees are dancing the grateful dead
>the divider curtain has mickey, pluto, and minnie on it
>they dance as well
> i lay down in my bed and the walls shift with the roof, and the ceiling starts to melt a little
> i started coming down and decided i wanted to sleep
> took me an hour to fall asleep, but i did it
> best school trip ever