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hey /b/
i dont care if i get b&, this site has ruined my grades anyway
I'm exactly 8 days away from turning 18
anyways I want to know what /b/'s drinking tonight
Long island iced tea:
>skyy vodka, ~2 shots
>jose cuervo tequila gold, ~1 shot
>beefeater dry gin, ~2 shots
>bacardi white rum, ~1 shot
And I've had about 4 shots of the white rum since then, think I drank that cocktail 3 hours ago or so
All taken from my parents' liquor chest, dumb fucks stash the weed theyve taken from me in there too, so I made a copy of the key to it.

17 yr old alcoholic feelsgoodman

alcohol thread
>pic: I don't care if this shit tastes like hand sanitizer i love it