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>Alright, listen up /b/itches. Ready for the saddest lesbian love story ever?
>For the longest time I had this tight thing with an amazing woman
>Like, I would have married her but this was like, twelve years ago and like, she wasn't as serious as I was
>then she started hooking up with this loser
>no job, just plays guitar all day, as douches are wont to do
>She get's her pregnant
>And then she fucking dies after having his son
>can't live with dad because he has no home/job.
> i manage to get custody of the kid, but he reminds me of her and him and asdfghjkl
>trying to raise this kid but i'm still lonely and depressed
>but my dating options SUCK.
>first there's this one chick
>she's good at heart and deep down I know she's smart, but...
>Immature doesn't begin to describe her, and she lives in perpetual filth.
>plus there's a significant age gap. nothing illegal, just awkward.
>then there's this one other lesbian couple couple
>they've been together FOREVER. really sweet
>We hooked up a few times, but I made it really awkward
>so a poly is out of the question, I think.
> this one cock of the walk that thinks he can fuck the gay out of me or something.
>And the worst thing about all of this?
>I'm Just a Pearl.