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i have been reading about drugs that make you smarter like in the movie "limitless", and searching in the web everybody talks about modafinil and aderall, i have been investigating this for monts and nobody sells it to you if u do not have a medical recipe, i try going into pharmacies and asking

>> me - hi do u have "modafinil"

>> pharmacist checks in the pc, then she open her eyes
pharmacist- this is a psychotropic i can't sell it to u, u have to bring me a medical recipe.

i try to persuade but nobody go to take the risk and sell me that whitout a recipe, and i do not want to buy it in some websites because is more expensive and u don't know what are u buying.

but by the other hand the only "medics" who prescribe that are the psychiatrys, i need that because i think i really need some help because im mediocre guy, i do not have any talent, im studyng hard but sometimes i feel it hard, i have some sleep disorders and attention deficit but i never went to a psychiatry and don't know how convince him/her to prescribe that to me

i picked some phone numbers of psychiatrys on my city from the web, how do u would say to convince them?