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Worst place to ask, but /b/ surprises me sometimes.

Why the fuck do I get depressed and generally give up when it comes to women?

I was treated rather cruely through school by girls, so I feel like that plays a factor. (fought a popular guy and after that they all hated me)

I give no attention to trying for a relationship anymore, or even trying to go through this set of hoops just to "impress" someone.
Maybe it's a mix of me hating the whole set of games you trek through. Just doesn't seem worth it to me.

Anyway, when I make any headroom with someone, I just get really down on myself and get depressed. Feels like I always seem to do something wrong, but it's just me not wanting to be fake just to court some bitch I probably wouldn't marry anyway.

The fuck is wrong with me /b/??
It isn't a looks problem, but I just am very straightforward and honest and highly dislike drama or games.

tl;dr OP could get a gf, but the process of it all just depresses me and I tend to somehow ruin relationships