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Why are trans gendered woman so fucking obscene and stupid /b/?

I just went through this drive-thru faded. Just to get myself some god damned mozzarella sticks! And TWICE, FUCKING TWICE! They gave that shit back to me cold and with no fucking cheese in them! And then this uptight tranny pulls this shit on me like; 'I can't fix that', 'your order no more show up in the system'. Pathetic... I literally had to wait there for 15minutes to get my full transactions back. While she fucked around doing nothing and frequently popped out of the window saying: 'if you don't leave I'll call the police'. Bitch I want my money back at this point!! Cause "muh system don't got yo receipt". Is not going to fully do it! So what about your Friday night /b/? How's it going? And what do we do about this trans, cis, cucklord movement?