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Who wants to feel?
>come on /b/, see a femanon posting pics
>find out she is willing to hook up with an anon
>get her email and start emailing, eventually move on to kik
>start sharing pics
>qt3.14, unbelivable
>chat some more, find out she is into the kinkiest crap
>exact same as me
>Weeks go by, still talking and sharing
>she dissapears
>She comes back, yay
>more time goes by, I realize that it's more than just physical to me...
>say nothing and everything keeps going, getting better and better
>I tell her she is perfect to me >fedore.webm
>she says it back to me...
>praise jebus, i'ma believer.
right now everything seems perfect, talking about hooking up /b... so now it all has to go down hill
>messaging same as always...
>no response.
>no Delivery changing to R
>she just vanishes...
>week goes by, no response, try her email...
>now we wait...
>2 weeks gone by now
>try kik again
>says she hasn't logged in in a while...
>she dissapears, no kik, no email, no nothing
>it is now 3 weeks later
Holy shit /b, I can't stop thinking about her... don't know if I was catfished or what...
I don't know if she is really busy, or I'm being ignored...probably ignored
worse thing is she is a femanon...
so she may even see this...
say what you want /b, but what the hell should I do?