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Hey, I'm a high school senior and this girl is a junior, pretty sure she's into me, but she mentioned that her parents are strict as fuck, like they look through her phone and give her hell anytime she wants to go out, always verifying who she's going with; very protective. Apparently her parents are very Christian and she just started attending school after years of homeschooling. I want to fuck her but A. I'm not sure how many values she's retained from her parents, meaning, I don't know if she's down to fuck despite being obviously attracted to me because her parents seem like the type to tell her she's going to hell if she fucks before marriage and B. I don't know how I'm even going to out with her because if her parents give her hell for going out with friends, there's no way in hell they'd let her date. Another problem I have is I don't even have my driving permit yet (I know, pathetic) so I can't pick her up and I have to meet her somewhere to date, but we can't fuck in public, definitely not in her house, and my house is a mess because of the construction (it's pretty bad, my parents take up half of my room with the shit we had to move there to clear out other rooms.)

I know it would be a lot less of a hassle to go fora different girl, but this is the only girl who is attracted to me at the moment that I haven't screwed up with yet, and I just want to get laid already.