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Straight guy just got head from bi stranger, does this make me gay?

So i was really hard up for money and i made a post on wisper app saying i need money, just to see what would happen. I got a reply from someone in my area an they asked for a pic, not knowing it was a guy a first i sent a selfie then they asked for a body shot. I obliged an he replyed sayong he was bi and he would give me head for 20 bucks. Ive never done something like this but really needed the money so we made arrangements and he came and picked me up, i have a warrant out so i didnt really wana sit in his car somewhere and end up getting caught so after meeting him and seeing it was cool i told him we could go back to my place and do it. Even though were both from a really small town ive never met him b4, So after sitting down in the living room he went right at it and i just pulled up some porn on my phone and tried to get into it. I couldnt get hard at all. I mean it was really good head but i just wasnt into it, even with the porn on. He asked if he could jack off while i fuck his face and i was like um okay. So after he came he kept going at it till i pretty much had to be like "im good man u can stop" he then kept tring to make conversation and hang around. He kept lingering till i was like well im goin to bed. He got my number and now he wont stop texting me. I dont wana just ignorr him cuz i dont wana piss him offf and it end up getting out. I feel really dirty and gay for what happened so im just looking for your guys opinions, im i gay for this?