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>girlfriend comes over
>wants to watch movie
>I was playing video games with my friends
>felt like she hijacked my night
>we watch movie
>enjoy it, we fondle eachother during the movie
>have an all round good time.
>she gets a little tired at 12am
>let her sleep.
>pretend that im sleeping
>uncomfortable with the fact that I want to play videogames
>uncomfortable with the fact she wanted to turn off my computer screens because they were too bright and my computer was still on when I wasnt using it
>want nothing more than to just jack off and have her leave and I play video games
>she finally leaves
>pull my chair back into my room
>turn on all the lights
>continue playing video games

Guys I am not a normie, normies dont think like this. Literally using your hand is a 1000 times cheaper and less time consuming. Do I even care if I have a girlfriend...